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Light Beast Media’s Adventure & Travel Video 2018

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Telling the travel tale through captivating video

One of the aspects of our filming that we take great pride in is our ability to get down and dirty anywhere necessary to get the perfect shot or tell the best story. We have worked for years on travel and adventure style shows, and also spend plenty of our free time traveling, hiking and camping throughout the US and around the world. There are certain things that you find out about yourself and others when traveling that you simply cannot in the comfort of familiar surroundings, and why a well done travel video can be so impactful. 

Whether it’s a group trip that brings out a story of camaraderie, bonding over the thrill of danger and excitement of a new city; or a personal trip which tells a tale of self-discovery through a bevy of cultural experiences, each one is unique and powerful in their own way. And we’ve found that it’s these stories that can paint such an interesting picture that may have otherwise been missed or simply undiscovered within the rigid lines of most people’s daily lives.

However, it’s not just the people that tell the whole story of every place or trip – it’s also the place itself. Everywhere – whether it’s a city or building or forest – has its own individual flavor to add to the tale to complete the narrative. We love to find the bits and pieces of each location that are intertwined with the tale and use them to help create even more powerful and complete stories.

So here we are, with some of our favorite pieces we’ve shot from around the US over the past several years, from the frozen solitude of Alaska to the sunny beaches of Southern California, and from the energy and rush of concerts to the peace and tranquility a meditation session.

Whether your next project is a commercial for your adventure brand, or a video to tell the story of your next company trip, we have the experience, tools and passion to find your story and not just tell it, but help others live it.

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