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Hickman’s Family Farms & Global Plastics Animated Short

Published by Daniel on

When our friends at Hickman’s Family Farms & Global Plastics approached us recently about putting together an animated short to help detail the fruits of their new partnership, we were certainly excited. The artistic diversity that this style allows is always a refreshing change of pace, plus working with two companies on a mission to help reduce waste and have a positive impact on our environment is always exciting and energizing. Their new product uses recycled plastics to create more earth-friendly egg packages, helping eliminate waste from foam packaging and reducing deforestation from paper packaging options. Take plastics out of our trash and landfills, use it to create something new, and then help keep other, even worse products from landfills as well – it’s a win/win!

Not only do we rely on the beauty and conservation of this planet as the backdrop for the content that we create, but we also feel a certain connection to it – as anyone who has spent time in the forest or tundra or on a secluded beach has felt. There’s a certain sense of responsibility you feel from existing for a span of time closer to nature than the city affords us. We certainly can’t do everything, but we can all do something, right? We’ll keep trying to do what we can to help leave this place at least as we found it, and hopefully better(this is also our motto for every shoot location! 🙂 )


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