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BULK Beef Jerky – Kindness Campaign Video Release

Published by Daniel on

B.U.L.K. Stands for Building Up Lives with Kindness, and when B.U.L.K. Beef Jerky decided to re-launch their website, focused around their key ingredient of Kindness, they looked to promote this message and their new site through several videos. To help launch their coming “Kindness Wall” on their new site, we worked with them to put together a launch video that helped explain their message to their audience, as well as introduce their brand to new potential customers.

First off…how do you not get excited to do a beef jerky video??? We knew we wanted in! After discussing their vision, and reviewing their company branding, online presence and audience, we came up with a plan to tell their story and connect their brand to the core values they have built their company upon. After that, we let the jerky and our on-screen talent take over the heavy lifting while we just tried not to mess it all up 😉 Check out the video below, and for the tastiest jerky you’ll find, head over to their site:

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